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Best Conference Room Video Conferencing Systems

Among China’s top providers of audio and video conferencing equipment, it was founded in 2011. As the best conference room video conferencing systems, we are a research and development company dedicated to creating full HD video cameras at an affordable price with remarkable image quality for use in video collaboration. Therefore, these cameras can be used for broadcasting, recording, and courtrooms and is best all in one video conference system, among other applications.

We have built a solid reputation by working with suppliers from all around the world. Our organization values research and development in the best meeting room video conference system, and we work hard to deliver an improved user experience. However, we now have a strong network of sales and support. There are now offices in Beijing, Xi’an, Hong Kong, Shenzhen, and other places.

Our services as the Best Meeting Room Video Conference System

  • Expert OEM/ODM producer of video conference cameras for 14 years.
  • Five senior R&D engineers for the creation of accuracy cameras.
  • 10 Quality Assurance personnel for cameras.
  • Three-year warranty period,
  • A variety of the best all in one video conference system. Thus, including OEM&ODM partners and agent/distributor/resellers, are permitted.

Product Line

X30 Poly Studio

Best conference room video conferencing systems and collaborative areas are good uses for Poly Studio X30. Thus, the gadget is very easy to use without a PC and has built-in compatibility for key cloud video services.

Polyphonic Studio X50

The Poly Studio X50 works well in spaces that are small to medium in size for Android video conferencing solutions China. The incredibly elegant and small Poly Studio X50 video equipment gives you the most effortless experience.

Poly G7500

Teams may more effectively communicate and exchange ideas while using Poly G7500. However, it has rich, colorful Ultra HD 4K resolution for the best meeting room video conference system.


To what extent does video conferencing work?
For remote meetings, cooperation, and communication, video conferencing may be quite beneficial.
Is the Internet used for video conferences?
Yes, a lot of the data transfer for video conferences happens via the Internet.
When is it appropriate to utilize video conferencing?
Video conferencing is useful for a variety of occasions, including online interviews and corporate meetings.