TeamFree Mall Sales Agreement

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1. Both parties

TeamFree official mall sales agreement (hereinafter referred to as “this agreement”) is the buyer as the buyer (hereinafter referred to as “buyer”) to TeamFree official mall or, a subsidiary of Jiancheng Cloud Vision Technology Co., Ltd. , hereinafter referred to as “TeamFree Official Mall”) to purchase goods agreement. Once the buyer submits an order on the TeamFree official mall, it means that the buyer agrees to this agreement. If the buyer cannot accept all the terms of this agreement, please do not check “Agree to the mall sales policy” and click the “Submit order” button.


2. Product information display

The information in the official TeamFree shop constitutes an invitation to treat only. Any such information does not constitute an offer to provide any product or service on the TeamFree official store.

The pictures, videos, and text descriptions displayed on the TeamFree official store may be different from the actual product due to different batches, process improvements, etc.; there may also be errors due to omissions in the review, and the TeamFree official store will try its best to provide customers with objective and accurate information. However, we are not responsible for unchecked error information and misunderstandings caused by different interpretation angles.

If the buyer finds information errors on the official TeamFree store, please contact for corrections.


3. Product pricing and adjustments

TeamFree official mall reserves the right to change product prices according to actual market conditions. When prices change, TeamFree official mall does not accept order changes and returns based on price changes.

The TeamFree official store reserves the right to correct any mispricing that occurs unexpectedly. In the event of a pricing error, TeamFree Official Mall will notify the buyer and allow the buyer to continue the transaction at the correct price, or cancel the order at no cost to the buyer. Additional information on pricing and sales tax charges is available to buyers on the Payments and Pricing page.


4. Order Verification, Confirmation and Acceptance

When the buyer submits an order on the TeamFree official store, the buyer’s order constitutes an offer to purchase products or services from the TeamFree official store. When Buyer’s order contains more than one product or service, Buyer’s order will contain a series of separate offers for each product or service. After the order payment is completed, the TeamFree official store will provide the buyer with an order status query.

TeamFree official mall has the right to decide whether to accept the buyer’s order, and TeamFree official mall will accept the buyer’s order only when the objective conditions such as inventory, logistics, and policies are confirmed to provide the buyer with this order service. If the TeamFree official mall has confirmed the buyer’s order but later learns that the objective conditions cannot meet the provision of this service, or the buyer has abnormal conditions such as order swiping, abnormal competition, and violation of purchase restriction rules, the TeamFree official mall will cancel the order and refund the full amount Buyer’s purchase price.


5. Order cancellation and modification

Before the order is shipped, the buyer can contact to cancel the order or modify the order information. Once the order is confirmed and enters the distribution and delivery process, the buyer cannot cancel or modify the order. If you need to cancel the purchase, please do not unpack and use the product after receiving the product, and initiate a 7-day no-reason return process.


6. Logistics and Delivery

TeamFree promises that it will not exceed 48 hours from the time when the buyer submits the order to when the order is shipped (postponed in case of holidays). If there is a product with a special delivery time limit, the delivery time limit will be indicated on the product purchase page. For the delivery time of pre-sale products, please refer to the description of the product pre-sale activities.

The TeamFree official mall and the buyer agree to jointly entrust a third-party logistics company to carry the buyer’s order. The logistics company in mainland China defaults to SF Express. If you have special logistics requirements, please contact customer service.

For orders that cannot be accepted by the default logistics company, the TeamFree official mall will choose the most suitable logistics company to carry them according to the delivery address. The buyer can suggest a suitable logistics company for reference when placing an order, but the TeamFree official mall may not necessarily follow the buyer’s suggestion.

The timeliness of logistics is subject to the timeliness commitment announced by the third-party logistics company. Once the buyer’s order product leaves the warehouse of the TeamFree official mall, the actual delivery may be affected by many events beyond the control of the TeamFree official mall. Therefore, the TeamFree official mall does not assume the responsibility for delayed delivery caused by accidents during third-party logistics transportation.

In case of logistics delay, the buyer can contact, TeamFree official mall will try its best to contact the logistics company to help the buyer solve the problem.


7. Order receipt

After the order product is shipped, TeamFree will notify the buyer of the corresponding logistics waybill number by email in a timely manner. The logistics status of the order is subject to the tracking information provided by the third-party logistics company.

If the buyer still has not received the goods when the third-party logistics system automatically confirms the receipt, please contact, and we will provide the buyer with a refund, replacement or compensation according to the actual situation.

If the delivery information provided by the buyer is wrong or the package is rejected, or the buyer fails to cooperate with the logistics company to complete necessary procedures such as customs clearance, registration, and receipt in accordance with local policies and regulations, resulting in the return of the package, the resulting loss will be borne by the buyer.

In order to ensure your normal rights and interests, when signing for the goods, please check whether the products are in good condition (whether there is any damage caused by logistics and other reasons). If there is any abnormality in the product, please contact for feedback within 48 hours from the date of receipt; otherwise, you will assume that the product is not damaged and the performance is normal.


8. Returns and Exchanges

For the products purchased on the official TeamFree store, within 7 days of receiving the products, if the products are in good condition and unopened, which will not affect the secondary sales, you can apply for an unreasonable return. For orders returned without reason within 7 days, only the payment for the goods will be refunded, and the fees incurred during the transaction of the order will not be refunded, including taxes, round-trip postage, etc.

For the products purchased on the official TeamFree store, within 15 days of receiving the products, if there is any quality problem with the products, we will provide you with a replacement service. If no spare parts are available for replacement, we will provide you with a return service. TeamFree official mall bears the basic cost of exchange and return, including tax and return postage.

If the product failure is caused by the customer, the TeamFree official mall does not provide return and exchange services. You can contact the after-sales to initiate a maintenance request, and the specific cost will be assessed by TeamFree according to the relevant after-sales maintenance charging standards.


9. Invoices and taxes

After your order is sent out, the TeamFree official mall will send an invoice for your order to your email, please pay attention to check it. You can also contact to assist you in obtaining it.

For the products you purchase on the official TeamFree store (except those marked tax-free on the product purchase page), any customs duties incurred during the import process shall be paid by TeamFree. Taxes are not shown separately, and the prices you see on the checkout page and invoices are tax-inclusive.


10. After sales service

The products sold in TeamFree official mall will be officially provided by TeamFree after-sales policy.

For TeamFree official after-sales service terms, please refer to: “After-sales and Maintenance Service Terms”


11. Pre-sale Policy

For pre-sold products, due to objective uncertainties, TeamFree official mall only provides estimated delivery time, but the actual delivery time depends on production and inventory conditions. The buyer agrees that TeamFree official mall can adjust the delivery time according to the actual situation, or cancel the buyer’s order. But if this happens, TeamFree official mall will notify the buyer in time.


12. Not for resale

The official TeamFree store only provides product sales services to end users. Buyers are not allowed to purchase products on the TeamFree official store for the purpose of reselling. If it is confirmed that the buyer purchases the product for resale, TeamFree Official Mall reserves the right to cancel the order and refuse service.


13. Intellectual Property Protection

Jiancheng Yunshi Technology Co., Ltd. is the right to apply for intellectual property rights of all intellectual property rights related to the brand “TeamFree” (including but not limited to design drawings, technologies, designs, utility models, brands, trade names, trademarks, etc.) and related intellectual achievements (collectively referred to as “TeamFree Intellectual Property Rights”), Jiancheng Cloud Vision Technology Co., Ltd. has the right to implement TeamFree intellectual property rights in accordance with relevant laws and regulations, and all benefits obtained from the implementation of TeamFree intellectual property rights belong to Jiancheng Cloud Vision Technology Co., Ltd. all. Jiancheng Cloud Vision Technology Co., Ltd. has absolute authority to seek and maintain all or any part of the technology or improved intellectual property protection for TeamFree intellectual property worldwide. The buyer shall not infringe the rights and interests of TeamFree Intellectual Property of Jiancheng Cloud Vision Technology Co., Ltd. in any way, including but not limited to reverse engineering and reselling the products purchased by the buyer.


14. Data protection

Once the buyer places an order, he agrees that TeamFree Official Mall can store, process and use the data provided by the buyer for the processing of the buyer’s order. The buyer also agrees that the TeamFree official mall archives and circulates the data within Jiancheng Cloud Vision Technology Co., Ltd., so as to provide the buyer with information on other TeamFree official mall products and services that may be of interest to the buyer.


15. Force majeure

When the TeamFree official mall cannot perform or fully perform the obligations of this sales policy due to force majeure, it will notify the buyer within 5 days from the date of the force majeure (if objective conditions prevent the notification from being completed within the aforementioned period, the TeamFree official mall will The buyer shall be notified within 5 days from the date when the impact of objective conditions is eliminated). If the sales policy cannot be fulfilled due to force majeure, TeamFree Official Mall shall be partially or completely exempted from the responsibility according to the impact of force majeure. Force majeure situations include but are not limited to earthquakes, floods, lightning strikes, snow disasters, government policies, etc.


16. Protocol Conflicts

This agreement generally applies to all products sold on the official TeamFree store. If TeamFree official mall formulates a specific sales strategy for specific products, if the terms conflict with this agreement, the specific product sales policy shall prevail.


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